Winter Training Camp, Half Time Report

What a great week I’m having.

I’m totally inspired by the people I’m mixing with everyday.

First there is Brett Sutton, the legendary coach himself. I love his wisdom, I love his individual approach to coaching (and by that I mean the way he thinks about what each athlete needs to help them be better). There is no one size fits all solution to performance improvement for him. I love the way he wants to understand what is going on inside the head of his athletes and what it is they are trying to work on as they perform the swim, bike and run. I love the way he asks questions. I love the way he shows how principles about performance can be so easily translated from one sport to another. And I love the way he gets his message across.

I’m inspired by the performance levels of the world class professionals that we are training alongside. Observing them in action is something else. The commitment to practice and the level of consistency of effort is so impressive. As an example, 80 x 100m in the pool this morning (don’t be silly, not by me!) performed at such a high and consistent level was a sight that will stick with me for a very long time. Nicola’s rhythm and balance in the water is what I’m aspiring to.

I’m equally inspired by each of the other athletes on the Camp. Everyone is here because they want to get better, they want to be the best they can be. Some, the youngsters are just starting out and yet have travelled from Hong Kong to be here. Others are coached regularly by Brett and have such a professional approach to training. Its hugely impressive.

Finally, there are also the other Age Groupers like me and this is the most inspiring bit of all. There are only 3 of us on this Camp and each of us is beyond 50 and yet we are all here because we want to improve, we want to go quicker and we do not see age as any kind of barrier to performance enhancement.

If ever I needed further affirmation about my goal of inspiring others to chase their dreams beyond 50 then this Camp is it.

Thanks TriSutto.

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