Welcome to my blog.


The purpose of this blog is to share what I’ve learned about how to turn dreams into reality and hopefully, along the way, inspire a few people to go and chase their own dreams.


Now, I’m just a regular fella who turned 50 a few years ago and almost overnight decided it was time to start believing in myself.


My first 50 years were very happy, working really hard to build a great career, a loving family and some amazing friends.Mixed up within the hard work, I also spent much of my first 50 years dreaming of being a sportsman, whether that was to be scoring the winner at Wembley, sinking the final putt on 18th at Augusta or receiving an Olympic gold medal in 1500m. The problem is that I just didn’t believe that things like that happened to regular guys and yet on a regular basis these dreams became frustrations and like an itch that just can’t be scratched they wouldn’t go away.


Becoming 50 was a turning point. I realized that the difference between dreaming and achieving is belief, commitment and lots and lots of practice. I decided it was time to go for it. I was going to become a World Champion sportsman .


This guy is crazy, you are probably thinking but please suspend your disbelief and bear with me.


The world, society and our education system all seem to conspire to put limits on us. One of the most obvious limiting beliefs is that 50 years of age is too old to become a sportsman. Well, let me tell you that doesn’t have to be the case.


5 years later I was picking up a gold medal as World Duathlon Age Group Champion.


I’m now confident enough to describe myself as a sportsman, I train each day, I’m still getting faster and I’m setting myself scarily challenging goals.


If you’ve always dreamed of doing something, but struggled with the confidence and belief to go for it, then please stick with me and lets see if my ramblings can help inspire you. Dare to try.

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